The SandCatcher product range is designed to enable golf course designers to achieve more exciting and demanding bunkers.


The SandCatcher range has been designed to minimise ‘pick-up’ and reduce the frequency that a club will get caught in the liner. Sand wash out is up to 75% less prevalent and the high loft non-woven nature of the products ensures better drainage and minimises the contamination of the soil beneath.


SandCatcher products are produced in a carbon neutral facility from recycled fibres. They are a truly environmentally friendly option.


SandCatcher 25

SandCatcher 25 is specifically engineered to be installed in bunker bases to both stabilize the sand and stop contamination from the soil beneath whilst improving drainage and aesthetics. Compared to other products designed for bunker faces, SandCatcher 25 forms a denser, more compact three dimensional matrix leading to improved performance

SandCatcher 75

SandCatcher 75 is specifically engineered for bunker faces. It will form an even three dimensional matrix with which to hold sand on steep slopes of faces, stabilise the bunker wall leading to improved aesthetics and increased drainage in the most demanding situations.